Duke Resonant Orchestra

A Modern Music Orchestra

E.T.Moody3: Guitars,Keyboards,Sequencing,Vocals
Jaroba: Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Mark Yee: Keyboards, Drums, Vocals
Dan Moore: Guest Guitars,Vocals
Kevin Kirkbride: Guest Drums
Scott Wilcox: Guest Bass,Vocals (2001)
Tim Swanstrom: Guest Drums(2001)
Tom Mundahl: Guest Vocals,Keyboards,Guitars
Russ Haines: Guest Guitars,Vocals (Larry The Musical)
Ed Mann: Guest Percussion,Keyboards(2006)

This is not a complete list!
Gratuitous adoption of improvisations from open stages
at Hair Of The Dog Lounge at Burning Man
has involved parties unknown but appreciated anyway!

Echoes (with Tom Mundahl) (2008)
Playa Dust Is A Condiment (W/Ed Mann) (2006)
Frank Zappa's 'Dumb All Over' (2004)
Ballad (2002)
The Oldest Question (2001)
Take A Minute (2001)
Rage (Live 2001)
Elroy/Elroy Steps Out (2000)
Hotel Addiction (1999)
Black Rock Sunset (1999)
Elektra One (as Duke Resonant) (1998)
Mischief (as Duke Resonant ) (1997)
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